Advantages of Private Schools in America

Private schools are very appreciated these days due to several important reasons. Increasingly more parents prefer to take their children to a private school instead of a public one. Why do they make this choice? Well, this is exactly the subject we will discuss in this article. We will show you what are the advantages of private schools in America so that you understand exactly why parents consider that this is an excellent financial investment for their kids’ future.

Excellent Academic Opportunities

We believe that this is the most important advantage of all. It is a known fact that private schools offer wonderful as well as challenging educational experiences through all the extracurricular activities, several gifted programs, and advanced placement courses. Private school students regularly score top marks on standardized tests, and many schools actually have close to 100 % rate of students who attend their university of choice.

A Very Safe Environment

Private schools in the United States have a very good reputation for maintaining high standards for respect and discipline as well. There is a quite strong sense of community that discourages any dangerous behavior. Furthermore, lower staff-to-student ratios allow for an excellent observation. Once the Fraser Institute study has ended, the results showed that around 70% of parents surveyed with kids in the private school system highly agreed that their school was extremely safe. This basically improves the quality of the children’s educational experience as well as achievement.

Parental Improvement

Private schools are certainly built around open communication between administration and parents. Their priority is to actually involve all parents in the community. There are regular meetings between parents and teachers, camping weekends, and even invitations for parents to participate in fundraising initiatives. Therefore, families become an integral part of the kid’s education, which is something that unfortunately doesn’t happen in public schools. This helps very much strengthen theĀ  parent-child relationship.

Highly Dedicated Teachers

The Fraser Institute made a study in 2007 and found out that 91% of parents surveyed said the dedication of the teachers was the most important reason for choosing a private school for their child. There are several reasons why teachers from private schools are high-dedicated, but the main one is without a doubt the fact that they have a very good salary.

Smaller Classes

A study on class size that has been made in 2002 by David Berliner and Bruce Biddler, some educational researchers, showed that the smaller the class size is, the better the average students perform when it comes to academic achievement tests. Private schools have without a doubt smaller classes and this is considered a huge advantage that public schools don’t have. Most of the private schools focus on the importance of small class sizes in order to help students advance their strengths.

Extracurricular Activities

There is no doubt that academics remain the priority for lots of private schools. However, some of them place a very strong focus on a well-rounded education and highly encourage participation in all sort of extracurricular activities such as arts, music, sports, and clubs.

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