How Private Schools Evolved in the US Over the Years

Private schools have definitely evolved quite a lot in America in the past few years, and there are several reasons why this happened. We will talk in the following about how private schools have actually evolved in the United States over the years. Therefore, make yourself comfortable and learn some very useful stuff so that you make the best choice for your kid.


In the infancy of the US, schooling children, such as it was, was offered by small private schools rather than the public ones. Education in colonial days was without a doubt stratified. Boys and girls had to learn different things. For example, boys had to learn core subjects whereas girls had to learn the domestic arts. Teachers were very often well-intentioned men who themselves didn’t have too much formal education. Back then, most teachers were actually men. The first private school in America was established by the religious missionaries of the Roman Catholic Church located in Louisiana and Florida as well. Boston Latin School was founded with the main purpose to teach the Classical Languages of Greek and Latin, whereas in Washington, the Georgetown Preparatory School was born in 1789, by the US’s first Catholic bishop.


William Penn was a visionary who guided very well the educational thinking of the time. In the 20th century, a uniform, organized system of public education didn’t take a real shape until the 1840s. Leaders such as Henry Barnard and Horace Mann contributed to a better education. They are considered these days the architects of the concept of public funding for schools at a local level. The Philips family founded Exeter and Andover Academies with extremely serious purposes. This Academy taught students in English and Latin. Stephen Girard also played a very important role in establishing private schools in the United States. Princess Bernice and Milton Hershey shared the same wonderful goal of educating young people for free. The schools they established in America are today some of the grandest examples of educational philanthropy to be found anywhere in the world.


Private education in the United States came before public education. As public education actually took hold, private schools started to spring up. Parents who wanted a lot more for their kids had several options even back in the early days of the nation. That concept has not changed over the years. A parent who truly wants a particular type of education certainly has a large variety of options available to him. Around 70% of American children are educated in the public system these days, and the other 30% are educated in private schools. However, increasingly more parents think about taking their kids to private schools these days due to the fact that there are several major advantages which can have a positive on their children’s personality as well as their lives. Anyone who wants to take such a decision must know exactly what this choice involves. Several opinions from other parents and a very good research will definitely help make the best choice for your child’s future. 

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