Private Schools in Huntsville

Taking your child to a private school can definitely have a positive impact on his life due to the fact that there are several great advantages that public schools don’t have. For example, the teachers are highly dedicated and the environment is an extremely safe one. Huntsville is one of the most popular places in America where people move with the entire family. If you think about doing that as well, then we will recommend you in this article the best private schools in Huntsville for your child.

Calvary Baptist Academy

The goal of this private school is to actually lead students into a life that conforms to the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, if you are a Christian family and you want your children to learn in a private Baptist institution, then we strongly recommend you the Calvary Baptist Academy. The school’s purpose is to equip the students with a very good basic education upon which to build. Students are also encouraged to consider full-time Christian services and are also advised to seek for fundamental Christian colleges as well as universities that highly cultivate a ministry attitude. The curriculum includes Beka Book and Bob Jones University Press materials.

Grace Lutheran School

This school was established in 1963, and it is a fully accredited Christian school that features classes from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade. The experienced staff from here work closely with parents in order to help children reach their full potential. The curriculum at Grace Lutheran School includes a lot more than textbooks. Children are taught to earn trust, be responsible and also make excellent decisions. This school’s mission is to guide and nurture children spiritually, academically, and also socially. Therefore, if you plan to move to Huntsville, then you should seriously consider taking your child to this wonderful school.

Montessori School of Huntsville

Here, the children are highly educated with the purpose to be prepared for a life of integrity and academic accomplishment. The team of professionals develops independent learners, critical thinkers, as well as tomorrow’s leaders. Montessori School of Huntsville serves children ages between 18 months through 12 years. There are two campuses available in Southeast Huntsville and Hampton Cove. Furthermore, this private institution is accredited through the Southern Association of Independent Schools.

Randolph School

This school promotes high academic standards and also challenges in an excellent way all students to develop not only the knowledge and skills but character as well in order to become self-confident, reflective and highly productive adults. The team from here believes that students can achieve their full potential when the school where they actually learn challenges and supports their interests and aptitudes. At Randolph School, your child will develop intellectual curiosity and creativity, not to mention the fact that they will also acquire the ability and desire to continue learning throughout their lives. We are sure that taking your child to this private school in Huntsville will certainly be the best choice you could make for his future. For more information, you can always visit the school’s official website.


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